How to Set up an Events Page on Shopify

Learn how to create an enticing events page on an online store to draw customers to your shop.

Written By Jamie Plankenhorn (Head of Customer Experience)

Updated at August 10th, 2023

What is an Events Page?

An events page is a web page where customers can access upcoming and completed live events. Once you integrate Loup with your Shopify store, we automatically create an events page for you. You can opt to have the events page be visible on your website or customers can access the events page directly by going to the link below. 

To access your events page: 

visit: <your website url>/pages/events


For example, if your website url is, your event page will be 


How to Make an Event Page Visible on a Shopify Website

1.   In the left sidebar menu of Shopify admin interface, navigate to Online Store > Navigation.



2.   Click on Main MenuAdd Menu Item.


Screen Shot 2022-06-21 at 5.04.27 PM


3.   Name your menu item (ex. "events") and input the link to your event page following the template: <URL>/pages/events.



4.   Wait 30 seconds, then refresh your Shopify store. An Events tab should now appear on your Shopify website.