Automatically collect interest in and send invites to Upcoming Events

When someone RSVPs to an upcoming event, a pop-up will confirm the RSVP and ask if they would like to be updated on all upcoming events.

Written By Jamie Plankenhorn (Head of Customer Experience)

Updated at November 3rd, 2023

When people RSVP to an upcoming event, the popup that displays will confirm their RSVP and ask if they want to subscribe to notifications about upcoming events. These notifications will happen automatically through the Loup platform. 

Customer Experience: 

RSVP for an upcoming event, when the registration is complete, a popup will appear that confirms the RSVP and asks if they would like to be notified of upcoming events: 

  1. If they confirm subscription, they will be added to a User List and will see a confirmation note:
  2. If they choose not to subscribe, they can either close the popup or be taken to the page of upcoming events:


Weekly Digest of upcoming events 

An email will go out automatically each day based on the following criteria:  

  • there is at least one upcoming event that starts in 1 to 7 days
  • email address is not RSVP'd to at least one of the upcoming events in that period
  • email address did not receive this email in the last 7 days

It sends people directly back to the Events page to RSVP to events. Unsubscribing will remove them from the Subscriber list and will stop the emails from sending. It can be personalized in the Customize Emails section of the Loup Admin: 

Inviting Subscribers to Upcoming Events

The list will be automatically stored and updated within the User List section of the Loup dashboard under the list called “Subscribers”. 

Reference the How to Leverage User Lists and Quick Invite article for how to send the invite.