Access Troubleshooting

What to do when your camera is working, your audio sounds good, but you just cannot connect to Go Live

Written By Jamie Plankenhorn (Head of Customer Experience)

Updated at August 10th, 2023

Occasionally, you will run into an issue that is solved by adjusting your camera permissions or running a bandwidth test. Sometimes, for web-based Live Events (or webRTC streams) restarting your computer is a great next step. 

Why does restarting your computer help? Restarting a computer can be beneficial for joining WebRTC streams due to several reasons:

Clearing system resources: Over time, a computer's resources can become cluttered and fragmented, which may affect its overall performance. Restarting the computer helps clear out any unnecessary processes and releases system resources, allowing for better utilization by WebRTC applications.

Resetting network connections: WebRTC relies on network connections to establish real-time communication between devices. Restarting the computer helps refresh network configurations, clear any temporary network issues, and establish new connections. This can be particularly helpful if you're experiencing connectivity problems or if the computer's network stack needs to be reset.

Clearing cached data: WebRTC applications, like web browsers, often cache data to improve performance and load times. However, cached data can sometimes interfere with real-time communication. Restarting the computer clears these caches, ensuring a fresh start and potentially resolving any issues related to cached data affecting WebRTC connectivity.

Closing conflicting processes: Occasionally, there might be conflicting processes or applications running on the computer that interfere with WebRTC functionality. Restarting the computer closes all programs and processes, preventing any potential conflicts and allowing WebRTC applications to start from a clean state.

By restarting your computer, you can address various underlying issues that may hinder your ability to join WebRTC streams and provide a clean environment for optimal performance and connectivity.