How to Enable the Smart Pop-up Banner

Learn how to add engaging pop-up banners to your website to capture your visitors' attention.

Written By Jamie Plankenhorn (Head of Customer Experience)

Updated at August 11th, 2023

What is a Pop-up Banner?

Pop-ups encourage customers to RSVP to your live event, and can help increase attendance. They will appear when customers' mouse exits the window on desktop or after 15 seconds on mobile. 

Tip: assess the effectiveness of pop-up banners with RSVP attribution data which can be accessed in the analytics dashboard for a specific event



Setting up the Pop-up Banner

In the left sidebar, navigate to Showroom > Smart Pop-up

Check the box to enable Pop-up. you will see a preview of what the Pop-up looks like along with a button to enable Pop-up.  

Pop Up Specifics:

  • Only events that are upcoming in the next 7 days will be shown.
    • If there are multiple eligible upcoming events, our machine learning algorithm decides which event to show based on likelihood of higher conversion.
  • Pop-ups are exit intent and time based on desktop.
    • For example: When users are about to navigate away from the screen, the pop-up will show. If the website visitor doesn’t navigate from the screen for 15 seconds, the pop-up will appear.
  • Pop-ups are time-based on mobile.
    • For example: The pop-up appears 15 seconds after the visitor has been on the site
  • Website visitors see a pop-up once every 24 hours across desktop and mobile.
  • Website visitors do not see pop-ups for events they have already RSVP'd to.
  • Applicable pop-ups will appear on all pages of the website except the events page, login/sign-up pages, and checkout pages. 

Disabling the Pop-up

To Disable the Pop-up, uncheck the “show users the best content at the most fitting times” checkbox. 


Pop-up Analytics 

Analytics for the pop up will be included on the dashboard for each event. To see how the pop-up is doing overall, click the ‘View Analytics’ button in the upper right corner to be taken to the Company Dashboard.