Promote your Event with Sharable Links

Sharing Links allows you to promote your Event across your social channels, within established email programs, on blogs or however your marketing mix is already set.

With Sharing Links, you can create multiple links for promotion and Analytics will show you which of your promotion methods drove the most traffic giving you insight where to focus your efforts next time. 

To Generate your links: 

Go to your Event Summary page (reminder, click on Events > Manage live events > Click on the name of the event you want to promote) 

From the Event summary page, click on “Manage Sharing Links”

Click on the button

Go through and complete the individual fields for your link. Use the information icon (i) to pop up additional information for each field: 

Then click Save

You can then copy the Sharing Link and use as you need or create another link by going back to the Sharing Links page via the link in the navigation to create more links: 

**Repeat as needed**

Once all your links are created and in-market, you will start to see traffic numbers attributed to those links populated in the Sharing Links page for your event as well as the Event Analytics page under RSVP Breakdown by Channel, Top 10 Channels by Event Page visits,  and Lifetime Revenue table.