Frequently Asked Questions

Quickly find general information and answers to common questions regarding the Loup platform.

Written By Jamie Plankenhorn (Head of Customer Experience)

Updated at August 11th, 2023


1.   What is Loup?

  • Loup is a software that enables brands to host live shopping events and shoppable videos directly on their website. 

2.   What are the benefits of live shopping? 

  • Live shopping empowers ecommerce brands by increasing overall engagement, average order value, and conversion rate. 


1.   Is there a limit to the number of attendees & livestreams that I can run per month?

  • Limits on the number of attendees and livestreams are based on your subscription plan. For more details refer to our pricing plan

2.   Is there a limit to the duration of my livestreams? 

  • There is no limit to the duration of your live events. 

3.   How long will videos be stored for? 

  • Your videos will be stored as long as you have an active subscription. Users on the free tier will have access to their videos for 90 days. You can choose to download your videos anytime after each live stream event.

4.   Can we record and replay the livestream after the event? 

  • Yes, each livestream is automatically recorded. The same link to access your livestream will allow you to playback the session. All engagement actions such as likes and comments will be saved and visible on the same page.

5.   What is the maximum livestream quality supported by Loup? 

  • Loup supports 720p quality to ensure the best possible frame rate for most viewers. Quality changes adaptively based on network quality.

6.   How do we verify if my network speed is sufficient for livestreaming?

  • We recommend network speeds of 3MB/s upload and 3MB/s download speed for each host in a stream. 

7.   Why is the video blurry and/or stutters?

  • The quality of the video (its resolution and frame rate) is dependent on the broadcaster's network. Loup's broadcasting technology adjusts the video's resolution and frame rates based on the capacity of the broadcaster's network at any given moment. 


1.   What metrics are captured during each livestream? 

  • For information regarding metrics and their definitions, refer to our metric guide.

2.   Are we able to capture product level metrics for each event?

  • Yes, we capture product level engagement during each event such as event page product clicks, on-site product clicks, add-to-carts, and checkouts.

3.   How frequently is RSVP and Engagement data refreshed?

  • RSVP and Engagement analytics are calculated daily.

4.   In the dashboards, what does 'Source / Medium' or 'Channel' mean?

  • These labels are based on how the traffic arrived at the event page or stream. These labels are decided based on UTM parameters and Referrer data.

5.   When do 'Live Stats' and 'Lifetime Stats' become available for a Stream's dashboard?

  • These tabs become available once the Live Stream event concludes, although it may take up to a day for engagement data to be calculated.

6.   Are we able to export a list of customers who attended each livestream?

  • Yes, after each livestream, you can access the list of attendees by navigating to 'Manage Events' and 'View Performance Metrics' for the event you wish to review. Under the 'Live Stats' tab will be a link to download a CSV containing a list of users who Watched the livestream and video replay.


1.   What are the different Loup subscriptions?

  • There are three Loup subscriptions: free, starter, and enterprise. For more information on pricing and privileges refer to our pricing plan.

2.   How do I change my subscription plan?

  • You can change your subscription plan at any time by going to the Shopify App Store or to App Settings within your Shopify admin page. Customers on a Professional Plan will need to connect with their Customer Experience manager to make any changes to their plan. 


1.   Is there a limit to the number of products we can show on each livestream?

  • Currently there are no limits to the number or products you can show on each livestream. However, for optimal conversion, we recommend not showing more than 10 products in a 30 minute livestream.

2.   My latest products are not showing up in the dropdown list. How do I fix this?

  • Go to 'Manage' and click 'Sync Products'. Go back to event settings and try to add your product again.


1.   Can we control the number of coupons and coupon codes we share during livestreams?

  • Yes, each coupon code is created by you during the event setup process and you can choose to make them visible to your customers at the most suitable time during your livestream event.


1.   Can I customize the event invites?

  • You can go to 'Email Customization' to edit your event invite emails.

2.   What's the difference between a private and a public event?

  • You can set up your livestreams as private events for VIP customers. Private events do not show up on the public events page and are not searchable. Only users with the event link can RSVP.

3.   What are the best times to go live?

  • It's usually ideal to host a live event when people have time to check their phones. Lunch breaks (12pm), or after work hours (7-9pm) are usually the times which work best. However, this depends on your product and audience, so experiment with a few different times to find out which one gets you the most engagement.